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NeoLine Composite Fencing

 25-Year Warranty

NeoLine Composite Fencing

Highly Durable

NeoLine Composite Fencing

Maintenance Free

NeoLine Composite Fencing

Long Lasting Look

NeoLine Composite Fencing


Welcome to NeoLine

Neoline is a prominent distributor of wood composite building materials within the Canadian market. The company is dedicated to supplying top-quality composite materials to builders, contractors, and homeowners. NeoLine's products range encompasses composite fencing, cladding, decking, and more. Composite materials are at the forefront of a building revolution, known for being environmentally friendly, highly durable, long-lasting, and increasingly favored in construction projects.

Why NeoLine?

Amidst the myriad of composite fencing products available in the market, the question arises: Why choose NeoLine?

NeoLine Composite Fencing

NeoLine's capped layer not only bolsters its durability but also enables the provision of a 25-year warranty, underscoring its commitment to long-lasting quality.

NeoLine Composite Fencing

NeoLine's modular design enables effortless customization for fences of varying heights, sizes, and styles, facilitating easy installation to suit diverse preferences.

NeoLine Composite Fencing



NeoLine composite products provides a diverse selection of design styles, colours, and decorative screens, offering a versatile range to cater to individual preferences.

NeoLine Composite Fencing

NeoLine's composite products stands out for its superior aesthetic appeal, surpassing other brands in the market, making it an exceptional choicefor those seeking a visually pleasing fencing solution.

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